Thursday, March 24, 2011


Why are vacations so bitter-sweet to come home from.. well, we all know why they're bitter. Coming home to this wintery wet madness is one thing. Sweet, why would it be sweet to come home from vacation?

1. The memories.
2. Remembering the precious time spent with family.
3. Being able to go eat at The Sweet Tooth Fairy!

Those are my favorite reasons. Especially #1 & 2.
I have been thinking the past couple days about all the fun we had and the memories we made. I had a real problem on the ship the first 2 days. Summer was SO DIFFICULT. She was always tired, unhappy unless she was doing what she wanted to do and running laps around the ship. I was stressed.. SERIOUSLY STRESSED. I thought she was going to run right off the ship or that we were going to get kicked out of the dining room or that she was going to run right into some strangers arms in Cabo and I'd never see her again. I realize that she was out of her zone and super tired from the trip.. and my family was a super big help with her. But still..

It was bad.

So Monday, after we left Cabo. I went on to the top deck to relax (mostly to get away) and read my book. Little did I know, I sat down by the most talkative couple I'd ever meet. (They were not LDS, just so you know before I go on..) So they proceed to tell me about them, and I told them about me. Blah, blah, blah. The husband was telling me about his 4 year old girl they left at home, she's a big, bigggg daddys girl.

And he tells me:
"how much he misses his girl.
He tried to get her on the ship at the last minute, but couldn't afford it.
He misses her a ton.."
..did I mention that he told me he really missed her?

I'm sitting there thinking.. 'Are you freakin crazy? I would love for my daughter to be at home with my mother in law right now. The only time Sums happy is when she's not with me. I wish Summer was home..' Basically complaining to myself! I told him that my almost 2 year old was on the ship and that she wasn't being very good, and that I basically wished she was home.

And then he tells me "Family is the only thing that really matters, you know? It's all that is important in life and all that you need."

I instantly wanted to slap myself in the face. Of course I knew that! Our church is based around family. I know how important family is. How many times do I need to be reminded? And here is a random 30 year old man from Minnesota, who knows nothing about our religion reminding me! How often do I get to spend this much time with all my family, and here I am, throwing our precious time away. What's the saying, "When mamas unhappy, no one's happy".. ?
I kept running what he told me in my head over and over again throughout the week. And when I had images of throwing Summer overboard (just kidding) I just remembered what he said. I instantly changed my attitude. Became a less stressed mommy. And ultimately had more fun the rest of the week. I am so grateful for this reminder, I felt like Heavenly Father prompted this man to remind me to relax, have fun, and to remember to put my family, not myself and my attitude, first.

As much as it is bitter-sweet to come home, memories last
a lifetime, and this is definately one that I want to keep.

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  1. Sydney, you are such a sweet girl and a wonderful mother to that little darling Summer. Just because these little ones cause us stress (and they do!), it doesn't mean we love them any less. I love reading your blog! For such a young girl, you have wonderful insite on the most important things in life, like your sweet little family! You are a doll! xoxo


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