Sunday, July 19, 2009

Happy Birthday Scott!

Today was Scotts 24th birthday! For those of you don't know he has a horrible habit of having to know everything he's getting for Birthdays/ Christmas/ Valentines/ Fathers Day etc. He thinks it's hilarious.. I hate it because I love surprises. He get's so antsy about his presents that he snoops and if he can't find them he'll somehow guess by process of elimination. This year I got him a float tube for fly fishing and the new hugo cologne. Summer got him the new Daughtery CD. : )

It was a fun day. The day included getting up, I made him one of his favorite breakfasts, went to church, came home, took a much needed nap, woke up to Summers screaming because her headband fell in front of her eyes (I HATE it when that happens), going over to Scott's parents to go for dinner with the family, talked outside on the swings with everyone, came home, went swimming, put Summer's feet & legs in the pool for the first time, went inside because it started to rain, put Summer to bed, watched some Harry Potter, Summer didn't really go to sleep (she tricked us) so Scott had to go get her and try to get her to really fall asleep this time, and now i'm writing this blog. : )
I am so proud of Scott, he is such a hard worker. He got laid off at Key Bank & my dad hired him at Intertape Polymer. For those of you who don't know Scott too well.. Intertape is NOT the kind of work that Scott likes. He works horrible hours on a line at the plant working with shrink wrap. It's going to kill him if we don't find him a job soon. (He does all this while letting me sit at home.. not working.. taking care of munchkin). I'm just grateful that he has a job. Hopefully we can find something soon with better hours. He's too good to me and Summer. If he wasn't willing to work these horrible hours I wouldn't be at home doing what I'm doing now.. and I love what i'm doing now! (I LOVE YOU HUN!) Anyways, I am very grateful for him.
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