Monday, October 4, 2010

Baby Olympics

Let me set the mood:

1. Today, Summer had a horrible breakfast because I had to hurry to a Dr. appointment this morning. She had her "baba" and a couple bites of a banana.
2. When I get home I make her some scrambled eggs. Summer see's the eggs and points at her high chair.. (she wants to get in it to eat.)
3. I tell her the eggs are really hot and I pop them in the freezer to cool off. I go into the front room to clean up some toys, leaving a hungry Summer in the kitchen by herself.
Here's the kicker:
4. I have a feeling that I need to check on Summer. (Don't you just love those "feelings"). I come into the kitchen and Summer has pulled the chair from underneath the table, climbed onto the chair and then INTO HER HIGH CHAIR. She was hungry and just wasn't going to wait!

I think Summer is training for the baby olympics..

Lately, Summer will get bored while I am getting ready for the day and climb on top of the toilet seat, onto the toilet lid and then onto the counter and think she is so funny.

The other day I was outside spray painting some stuff and I look at the window and Summer has climbed up the very top of the couch and onto the window. (Scott was watching her.)
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