Thursday, October 21, 2010

A Mother's Love

What would you do without your little one?
Me? I wouldn't know what to do next, where would I go? What would my next step be? What on EARTH would I do without my sweet little Summer? With no degree, living paycheck to paycheck, still working, going to school, going INSANE, the only thing I have going for me is being a good mom. I can honestly say I never really knew what true happiness was until my little Summer was brought into this world.

It's rough, SO rough. As many of you know Summer was a honeymoon baby. It wasn't a real big surprise that we were having a baby though, we weren't too careful.. we didn't think much of the future. We both knew that we wanted to have kids.. just not right then. Heavenly Father had different plans for us though.. and we haven't looked back since. She has been nothing but a joy from the first time I held her in the hospital. Sure, there have been times I have picked up the phone, utterly stressed, begging my mom to take her for the night (she takes her of course!).. and then what happens? I wake up the next morning not knowing what to do next. I miss her so incredibly much. My heart aches.

I can't sleep tonight. I sat up thinking of the 1 million things that I need to do this weekend. Came downstairs, got on FB and then found this amazing blog.
Check them out. But be sure to grab a box full of tissues. Their story really hits home. She's 22 (I'm 22 in 2 days) and her daughter passed away at 18 months due to a accident (Summer's 17 months).

Anyways, I'm posting this to remind all you ladies, well mostly MYSELF, to cherish each and every moment. Every single one. I love my sweet Summer so much & want to slap myself in my face every time I get frustrated at her or when she gets hurt or when life gets so busy that I can't even read her a book.

My cherished moment of the day..

Summer has learned the word "cookie". She loves oreos. I hate Oreos. When she eats them she gets them ALL over. Anyways, today Summer fell and hit the front of her face on a metal bar really hard. I immediately picked her up & let her cry on my shoulder. She was so upset but I figured she would just cry it out. My sister took a peek at Summer to see if she had any bumps on her face and little did we know there was a huge stain of blood on my shoulder. SCARY! We immediately ran inside to check out what it was. When I lifted her off my shoulder she looked at me (still crying hysterically) and said "Cookieeee!" Ohhh my little pookie, I love her so much. Anyways, she hit her nose and mouth somehow and she is fine now. Sleeping away in her crib.

I hate it so much when Summer gets hurt. I wish more than anything I could take the pain away. But, the moments where she reaches out to me, when she wants nothing or nobody else in the world.. when everything depends on me letting her know that everything will be alright and reassuring her that the world will go back to normal in about 5 minutes.. it almost makes the owies worth it.

Summer has been pointing to her lip all night and saying "owie".
I think she just wants us to know she has a owie. Oh, she is so cute.

Is there anything better than being a mom?
I sure don' think so. Motherhood is the best thing to happen to me and has made me into a much better person.
Thank you, Summer.

This is a pic of our most recent adventures at the zoo.
Summer loves animals. We had so much fun.

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