Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Well Scott started school today. I'm so happy for him, but so jealous too! : ) I was going to go to school this Fall but we decided that we're too broke so only one of us can go! I'm so sad! I was so looking forward to going this year. It's ok.. at least Scott can go. I can't decide what I want to go into anyways. Some days I want to go into ultrasonography & other days I want to teach high school history. Lately I have been leaning more towards teaching though.

Scott got up at 5:30 this morning for class. He couldn't find his backpack, and of course it was my fault. Scott was storming through each room & into the storage room AND into Summers room looking for his backpack. And I was storming right behind him closing Summers door and turning off lights because I was sure he was going to wake her up! Funny now, NOT funny then.

Anyways, since Scotts new job is in West Valley he decided to switch from Weber State to SLCC. GREAT choice. I think that Weber is ridiculous!
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