Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A Summer of Books

Well, my cute friend posted a blog about all the books she's working on this Summer. So i'm going to copy her! It's such a good idea, thanks Nat! If you know me well at all you would know that I LOVE TO READ. It's my very most favorite thing to do. This Summer I actually don't have a lot of time on my hands since I've started working again. But i've decided to carry my books along with me everywhere I go. (Well, the one I'm working on!)

First & foremost I'm working on "Eat, Pray, Love". It's about a woman going through a divorce & depression & decides to go to Italy, India & Bali to find... Pleasure, Devotion and a way to balance them both. I'm through Italy & halfway through India. It is one of the best books I have ever read. I am going to be sad when I finish it! (Note: there is some cussing!) It's amazing. It has me thinking long and hard about my life.

My 2nd favorite is the Sookie Stackhouse series by Charlaine Harris. The show "True Blood" is based on these books. (I've watched the 1st season of True Blood, the books aren't scandalous like the show. There are TEN books in the series.. yes ten. They are so cute though. I really have come to love the main character. Plus, vampires are all the craze at the moment! I have read six of them. I'm taking a break from reading them to read "Eat, Pray, Love".

Scott & I are working on some books together. I'm reading "For women only" & he is reading "For men only". If you haven't already guessed they are books for one sex about the opposite. Every couple needs some light every once in a while & this is where we are going to get ours from.
I have had the book "The Davinci Code" sitting on my shelf for well over a year. I think it's time to dust it off this Summer. I read "Angels & Demons" (Both by dan brown) and it was amazing! So I am going to read it! I have heard it was really good.

"Women, Food & God" is the next one. I have a HORRIBLE diet & this is just what I need at the moment. The author was on Oprah (yes I am a huge Oprah nerd) the other week talking about her book & it sounds amazing! It's not about dieting. It's about food and the emotions behind the food that you are eating. There is a reason you eat the food that you eat!
And last but not least my Tolstoy has been ordered from ebay & taking FOREVER to get here. I'm going to read "Anna Karenina" by Leo Tolstoy. Everyone that has read this has told me they love it. It's kind of an older book which makes it all the more exciting. It's about a women who leaves her family for a count. : ) Anyways.. i'm very excited about this one!
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