Friday, December 31, 2010


Okay, I am lucky enough to get people asking me what Swagbucks is ALL the time. I love telling people about it and all the super cool things that you can do with it. But I think I'm just going to post about it so when people ask me, I can just send them to my blog! Aren't I smart? : )

ONE: Swagbucks is 100% FREE to sign up and is 100% scam free.
(I had a bad experience with a big scam a few years ago. So, now I make sure that I'm not going to get screwed when I sign up for things)

TWO: From what I've read about, Swagbucks gets paid by companies to get people to do surveys, take daily polls, special offers etc. Swagbucks then rewards us "Swaggernauts" with points. When you get so many points you can trade them in for gift cards, sweep sakes and TONS of other prizes.

THREE: You earn Swagbucks by taking daily polls, playing games, watching the "Swagbuck TV", printing their coupons and using them, special offers, using their toolbar, doing searches just like you do on Google, taking surveys and (my favorite way) getting referrals. You can make tONS of points by getting referrals. Get people to sign up that will actually do it. Not just sign up and never use it. Example: I have a couple friends that signed up under me, but one has gotten me almost 2 gift cards just because she is an excellent "Swaggernaut." Thanks Brittney! I didn't sign up under anyone because I didn't know that people could get points for doing it. I wish I would've signed up under my friend Kendra to get her tons of points.. but too late. Sorry Kendra!

Swagbucks is a great way to save up some points for the things that you may want, but don't have enough spending money for it. We used a lot of our Swagbuck points to get Amazon credits. we bought part of our Christmas thanks to Swagbucks & it really helped out. Now that Christmas is over I want to save up fun Disney movies for Summer. We don't have hardly and Disney movies, and to buy them on Blu Ray is SO expensive. Thanks to Swagbucks (again!) I am getting my credits to use for movies and other fun stuff. Today I just bought Snow White on Blu Ray on Amazon using my Swagbucks credit. Isn't this awesome?

It took me a while to get used to how it works and how to do everything. Once I sat & messed around with it I quickly figured out how to use it. If you have any questions feel free to ask me & I can help you out. I am turning out to be a Swagbucks expert. : )

I hope this helps! If you think that Swagbucks is for you then there is NO harm in signing up. When you do sign up you can sign up under me here..
OR.. you can click on my Swagbucks banner on the right side of my blog.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas 2010

Here's a few of my favorite pictures this Christmas.

(in this pic Summer held up her phone & said "It's Santa!")

We had a good Christmas this year. Not completely overboard like we did last year..
which our bank account really enjoyed.

Some highlights this Christmas:
1. Summer loves Santa. But not the real Santa.. she hates the real Santa
(Yesterday at Cabela's she said "Hi Santa!" to this older man with a
gray beard in line behind us.. oh my.)
2. We went to the Layton Park lights probably 5 times
this December because Sum loved them so much.
3. All 3 of us got Super incredibly sick this month..
at the same time. UGH! Not fun.
4. The girls night out with my mom-in-law, my sisters & my
mom was super fun. We went to Abbey's new favorite "elegant"
restaurant called Gourmandise & ate more dessert than dinner.
Then we went to see the Mormon Tabernacle Choir & David Archuleta
Christmas concert.

Our Christmas traditions:
*Christmas Eve we go to my parents to make gingerbread houses (this year I won the contest.), eat dinner and open our Christmas Jammies.
*Christmas Day we got to Scott's family's house to eat Christmas breakfast.

Summer's favorite toys this year are her princess kitchen &
her puppies that she can take on little walks.

Scott got a really nice set of binoculars from my parents
and lots of hunting gear from his..
We just need to get him out & actually hunting! : )

I love my new black sparkle Toms that Scott gave me.
And I got my first sewing machine & I'm super excited to use it!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

And The Princess Has Arrived..

Summer LOVES "pretties" and LOVES The Little Mermaid.
I guess it's a good thing that Grandma Garfield bought a Princess Ariel jewlery set to leave in her super cute playroom. (The necklace even sings Ariels "Ahhh ahhh ahhhh" song. That is Summer's favorite song to sing.) Summer loves it.
I love my princess.
..Speaking of princesses.. if you haven't seen Tangled.. GO see it!
It was the cutest Disney movie out there.. Summer LOVED it!

Thursday, December 16, 2010


Why am I such a big dummy?
Why did I let Summer color in her room alone while I took a shower?
Geeze louise.. LESSON LEARNED.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


So, I've been tempted to put up some police tape on my door to quarantine off my house.. not really. But I should.
Have you seen 28 Days Later, 28 Weeks Later, I Am Legend or Resident Evil?
I am Milla Jovovich fighting off all these disgusting germs, carrying my can of lysol spray around.
I feel like I am the only person on this earth who is not leaning over the toilet sick, laying in bed all day with the flu. And I haven't even had my flu shot yet! : ) Anyways, I am next I'm sure.. and I am writing this to say farewell to all my beloved blog followers. I will see you in 28 Days.. maybe. : )

Saturday, December 4, 2010

O Christmas Tree

Yes, I'm blogging about my Christmas tree!
I have been neglecting my blog lately & decided I would share
some Christmas cheer..
so here it is..
I'm pretty proud of it!
We had lots of other ornaments the 1st year we were married.. I made a them a few years ago and put them on our tree this year. I was almost in tears! I hated all my homemade ornaments! What was I thinking? Birds made of felt? Umm no! So I went on a search for cute & cheap ornaments. Found them! Targets bargain section. Gotta love Target.
Summer LOVES it! When we first get up in the morning she points to the tree and says "Liii pweee!" Translation: "Lights please!" She counts to 3 with me as I turn them on and almost freaks every time I turn them on. Sum also kisses the ornaments and then tells them good bye everytime we leave. It's so cute.
I love Christmas, all the memories that come with it and new ones you get to make!
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