Thursday, September 9, 2010

Summer at (almost) 16 Months

Oh my,
Where to start? I know I always talk about books and a little of what is going on in life, but why don't I talk more of my sweet Summer? I think I've just got my head wrapped too much around the book contest I'm having with myself.

I love this little cutie SO much. I can't believe how big she's growing. She now points to pictures of Christ and says "Jeeesus! Jeeesus!" : ) Ahh my heart is melting. Some more things Summer likes to do now is hug and kiss. She will hug and kiss everything. My parents dog, books, little girls at church, the little boy I babysit, seriously, everything!

The first person in our family (other than mama & dada) that Sum can say their name is Abbey. She loves her aunts. One day I was doing homework and our computers (BOTH) crashed! So I went to my parents to finish it. Aunt Abbey watched Summer for hours. (My sisters are so good to watch Sum. I love it.) When we came home Summer kept saying "Ahhbee Ahhbee Ahhbee!"

Summer & I have been having "moments" lately. We have so much fun together. A moment we had the other day: I was feeding her lunch. And she did NOT want to eat. So I sat down and put her bananas on a spoon. She tried to pick up a banana off the spoon, but it was slippery and it fell on the tray. I said "UH OH!" (a little dramatically). And she thought it was the funniest thing she'd ever heard. The only time I've heard her laugh so hard is when we're tickeling her. So then she held the spoon to me. I knocked off a banana slice onto her tray, said "uh oh!" and again, she died laughing. It went back and forth like that for 10 minutes. I honestly don't know the last time I had so much FUN! : )

I love my little girl so much. I am so blessed to have her in my life. And I never take for granted that I get to be her mommy. I love being a mom more than anything in the whole world! I know everybody always says "Ohhh they grow so fast, blah blah.." But they REALLY DO! I was holding my little 3 month old niece the other day and was thinking "Oh my goodness, It seems like just yesterday Summer was this small. Smiling at me and staring at me like I was the most interesting thing she had ever seen in her life." Of course I miss the stage where Summer wasn't throwing food at me and having melt down fits when I take her binky away. But every day life just gets sweeter and sweeter with her.

Here's some of my favorite pics of baby girl:

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