Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Small Update

1. I am leaving for Lake Powell on Saturday (YAYYY!) I will be gone a week and I'm pretty much freaking out. I have never left Summer for an entire week.. (I think since we've been married I've never even left Scott for a week! He can't go..) I will be in the middle of a lake with no cell phone service and I will most likely only get to a pay phone a couple times during that week. And even when I call on the payphone who's to say my mother in law will be able to get to her phone at the exact same time I'm calling.

This is me freaking out. I am so excited to go. I am so excited to be away for a whole week. But still, I will still worry about Summer. What's the longest you've ever left your little ones for?

2. I tried to make my blog private, I'm not quite sure if it worked or not. If not, oh freaking well. I don't really care anymore. It's too much hassel.

3. I can't believe how good Sum is talking these days. She's putting together sentences and hardly ever gets frusterated anymore because I can't tell what she's saying. She's getting so big! Oh she's opening doors now too. Yep, had to go buy those annoying child door locks. I swear it takes me 10 seconds longer to open the door now.. oh well, I guess they're doing their job!

4. One of my very best friends from high school is out here staying with my family for the Summer. It is so much fun to be with old friends again.
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