Sunday, February 14, 2010

V-Day is over.. thank GOODNESS!!

WELL, Valentines weekend was HORRIBLE, well, at least Saturday was. We started the day looking at houses in South Ogden, Roy, Sunset, Layton and Tooele. I think we found some that we really liked.. yay!

After loking at houses we dropped Summer off at my in laws so Scott and I could go out for V-day. We went to go see The Wolfman (not my choice!).. soooo lame. Don't go see it. We went back to Scotts parents to pick up Summer and she was super happy! After we were there for a little while she just started screaming her head off.. I think her teeth must've been really hurting her.. she's teething & her teeth have been cutting through this weekend.

So we decided to go home and she sounded like she was in a lot of pain so stopped at Target to get some baby tylenol and teething tablets. Scott stayed in the car with Summer & when I got back out she was fast asleep. Two seconds after I got back in the car Summer started throwing up.. like 5 times! She was covered head to toe in throw up. We FREAKED out & calling a ambulance seriously crossed my mind, but then I decided I was over reacting. I took Summer out of her car seat & held her tight.. (getting puke allll over my new coat.. not that it matters.. I'm just glad she's ok now.) I put Summer back in her car seat and we drove to Urgent Care. When we got there Summer was acting ridiculously happy! I has so happy!! I guess throwing up made her feel better! Scott drove us home and we decided not to go to the Dr.

When we got home I checked her temp she was normal.. weird! Anyways, we decided that I should sleep with her just to make sure that she wasn't throwing up anymore. No puke that night but she did decide to wake up crying at 2:00 & 5:00.. I didn't dare give her any orajel. I was worried that was what was making her throw up in the 1st place.

Anyways, needless to say.. I feel so bad for poor little Summer and would take all of her pain if I could. But I guess if she doesn't feel pain & sadness then she wouldn't know of the happy and good things in life, right?

Oh, and I think I deserve another Valentines date!
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