Friday, July 8, 2011

Dancing at Shelbys Wedding

We had so much fun at my sisters wedding. It was so amazing to have our family and closest friends all together. All my parents (and Jordans, of course!) hard work paid off, it was so beautiful. Our favorite place was the dance floor.. especially for Summer! Sum loved watching everyone dance and then try to dance how everyone else was dancing.. like the macarena! Haha It was too dang cute! The bouquet she is holding is the one Shelby threw. My cute little friend Allie caught it & gave it to Sum.. Sum held it and took care of it all night long.. seriously, she loved it. Allie is the cute girl dancing with Sum in this video. Here is a little clip of Summer dancing.. sorry, the first couple seconds of it I was holding the camera the wrong way! Oops!

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