Sunday, June 14, 2009

Newborn pictures

Amy did Summer's newborn pictures last week. They are all so cute, i'm going to put my favorites on here. So here they are!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Pregnancy, labor and delivery

Everyone has been asking me how everything went at the hospital, so I decided to just write about it & you all can read it.
I went into one of my prenatal appointments on May 13th & my Dr. said that the baby was ready to come & asked if i wanted to be induced the next day.. I of course said yes! Prior to this appointment I had the best pregnancy. I hadn't had any contractions, no morning sickness & hardly any vomiting. Anyways, I went to work the next day because I wasn't supposed to be admitted to the hospital until 8 p.m. I was so excited the whole day! Around 5 p.m. the hospital called and told me that they were full and they would call me when there was an opening.. they didn't even know when the next opening would be! I cried the whole night. So Scott called around 9 p.m. and told them that we needed to know when we would be admitted. They told us to come in at 7 a.m. the next day.
So we woke up bright and early.. i hardly got any sleep! We checked to Ogden Regional at 7 a.m., they took me to the room (the room was huge! I stayed in the same room the whole time) and started me on the drops at 9 a.m. Around 11 a.m. my mom and sisters were in the room with me and Scott & I was starting to have my first contractions. I thought I was going to rip everyones head off if they didn't stop rubbing me. So my mom went out and told the nurse that I wanted the epidural.. NOW! They gave me my epidural at 11:30.. after that I was on cloud 9.. I couldn't feel a thing. I slept off and on until 4 p.m. My whole family was in the room with us when the nurse came in to check me at about 4. She said I was dialated to a 10 and kicked everyone but Scott out of the room. By 4:30 they had everything ready and my Dr. was on her way. By the time that the Dr. got there I pushed 3 times and Summer was born at 4:41 p.m. She was 8 lbs 7 oz. & 21 inches long. Before my Dr. got there I started coughing and the nurses told me that if I didn't stop the baby was going to pop right out. It was the easiest labor and delivery in the world.. especially for a first time. My Dr. told me that I shouldn't expect it to be this easy ever again.

Here's some pics of us at the hospital..

Our 1st family picture.

My little girl

On this Friday Summer will be 3 weeks old.. it amazes me how much she has grown and how different she looks every day. I don't want her to get bigger.. she's so cute just the way she is. She has started smiling, once you rub her cheek it makes her smile. Her hair has also lightened up so much since she's been born. It was dark brown and has now turned to a light brown and has a red tint to it. She's too cute. I love her!
Scott took us on a surprise vacation to Bear Lake last weekend. It was nice to get away from good old Ogden and to be alone for a few days.

This is Summer on her first vacation at Bear Lake.

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