Friday, November 5, 2010

Love Notes

So, I decided that I need to write more in my journal. I'm writing a ton on here.. but most likely my journal is going to be the thing that lasts a lifetime. Blogging seems to be the current craze.. but 40 years from now.. when my children want to look at what I've wrote.. they aren't going to want to look at my blog, but my journal.

Anyways, I opened it up to write a page or two, and looking at my last entry.. it was back in JANUARY! Oops!

I want to look back and be reminded about my daily life. When I read my first couple pages of when Scott and I were dating I think and laugh.. "HOW on earth did I love EVERYTHING about him SO much?!" Haha. I love him so much.. but now he drives me crazy.. unlike back then! It's so much fun to look back and see my helplessly head over heels love confessions for Scott.

I have a pocket in the back of my journal that holds some things that mean everything to me. Important letters, patriarchal blessing and love notes from Scott. I opened all my old love notes from Scott and reread them all. It makes my heart happy, SO happy to reread them. How sure we were that we would get married and have children..

Anyways.. just a happy post. Go reread your old love letters!
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