Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Testing, Testing..

..1 2 3.

Ok everyone. Before I make my blog private I want to know if it's actually worth it to keep this blog up. I hardley get any comments on my posts, which makes me wonder if anyone actually looks at this blog. SO, if you want to keep reading my family blog, please post a comment on here if you read my blog and keep up with it. If there are no/hardley any comments on this post I will most likely delete my blog.. no sense of wasting time with it!

Thanks guys!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mama's Day

Happy Mothers Day to my mama. Growing up in Virginia, it's hard to not notice that everyone calls their mom something other than mom.. mama, mommy. Just to be funny I started calling my mom "mama". The name has kind of stuck and now she's my mama. She'll try to embarass me by asking her to call her mama in front of other people.. it IS kind of embarassing! Anyways, happy mothers day to my beautiful mother, she is my best friend!

I love Mothers Day. And I honestly didn't appreciate it until I became a mother. Isn't this honestly the best holiday ever? I think so..

So I was at nursery today dropping Summer off. She was having a hard time going in today & just wanted me to hold her. I was sitting on the floor holding her and trying to her her to play with some toys and this little boy just came up and WACKED her on the head.. okayyyyyy. He made my little baby girl turn into me and just start sobbing. (I wanted to turn to him and go "RAWRRRR!" like a big, bad mama bear would, but of course I didn't.) Summer calmed down and was just fine. As much as I hate it when my girl gets hurt, I love the moments where I can love on her and tell her that everything can be just fine. I love being a mother. It is the best gift that I could ever ever have.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

It's Time To...

...Go private.

I have been having the feeling for a while that I want to go private. I just have a weird feeling that people I don't want knowing my business are getting the 411 on my life. A lot of my posts are my thoughts and feelings and family updates that I really only want my friends and family knowing. My facebook is 100% private.. time for the blog.

Message or email (sydneygarton@GMAIL.com) or comment or facebook me your email address so I can add you as a reader to my blog. Thanks guys!
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