Monday, February 8, 2010


My day:

6:00- Summer wakes me up. I hurry and get out of bed to get her because my parents room is right above Summer & I didn't want her to wake them up.
6:01- Decided I was too tired to get up so I wrapped Summer back up hoping she would fall asleep.
6:15- She's back up.
6:20- Get Summer fed and changed for the day.
8:00 - Put Summer down for her nap.. and took one myself
10:00- Summer woke me up
10:30- Played with Summer, fed Summer, played some more, put Summer in her jumper
11:00-12:00- Ate leftover Superbowl food.. ugh.
12:00- Tried to sort through listings that our realtor sent us all while Summer was smacking the keyboard and I had to pull up the window she closed like 5 times.
12:30- Finally got them sorted out.
1:00- Mom came home and decided she wanted a nap, which meant I had to keep my daughter quiet
1:05- Decided to come clean our room. Summer fell off the lovesac. It was just fluffed so it was up about 2 feet high. She didn't even cry.. big girl!
1:15- Called the Dr. office about a billing question.. then called the insurance company.. and then had to call the Dr. office back to straighten everything out. While doing this I found Summer playing with cords and plug ins! AHH!
2:00- Summer goes down for her nap. Yayyy
2:15- Shelby comes back from Spoon Me and we actually get to sit to watch a movie.
4:00- Go back through the listings & make a new list.
4:15- Talk to Scott about the listings.
4:40- Summer is still asleep.. thank goodness. And I am finishing up this post.

I am SO exhausted. ALL THE TIME. I keep telling myself to not take naps, that my body will get used to Summers new schedule.. but evidently it takes more than a week. I feel like I am going, going, going when really I don't do that much. Today I got to take a nap and watch a movie, normally i'm too busy. ughhhhh I need more sleep.. maybe i'll go take a nap?!
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