Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Cupcakes & Snow

So I went to The Sweet Tooth Fairy to pick a treat up for a friend because she's helped me by watching Summer lately. Anyways.. remember my post (2 posts ago) about how Sum will do anything for a treat? So we go into the bakery and Summer just freaks out: "Ohhhh mommyyy, yummmm, I want a cupcake, mmmmm! Mama pleaseeee? Cupcake? Yummmmm! Pleaseee mommy?" I probably would've ended up buying her one just because she was being so cute. But there was a lady in front of us, she turned to Summer and told her that if Summer was with her she would buy her anything she wanted. The lady turned to me and said "You daughter is so adorable can I please buy her a cupcake?" : ) I thought it was so sweet and cute of this little lady to buy my pleading daughter what her heart desiered. So 10 seconds later a fetti-ferry cupcake was in Summer's happy hands. Here's a pic of her on the way home..

She IS adorable, isn't she?! : )

Later that night it was a flippin blizzard outside. Summer loves snow.. so what did we end up doing? Playing in the snow! Summer doesn't have snow clothes so she ended up playing in her raincoat, zip up jammies and suede boots.. nice.

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