Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Help

Oh my..
I literally JUST finished this novel. Just as in 5 minutes ago. And I HAD to come here to write this post. What a AMAZING book. It's not the kind of book that you read and don't think about it again. While I was reading this book I thought about it in the shower, while cooking & cleaning etc.. I am seriously tearing up while writing this.
Some of the characters really struck a nerve.
The book is based in Mississippi in the 60's. (Did you know that white people still had black women to be their "maids" then? Obviously there was segregation then, but I didn't know that they practically had them still as slaves in the 60's.) Anyways, that's what this book is about.
Back to the characters. I've never read a book where the author could paint a picture so clearly of each character. The way that some of the characters treated their black maids, the way they talked about them and worst of all, how rich white ladies (at least one of the characters) couldn't learn to love their OWN children. The maid showed more love to the children than the mother. THAT- really struck me dumb.
Obviously, I wasn't alive then to know how it was really like.
Obviously, these characters are fiction.
But really, I've never felt so strongly about any book I have ever read.
Definately, definately, DEFINATELY a reccomended book for you.
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