Saturday, June 12, 2010

Fathers Day

For Fathers Day Scott told me I couldn't get him anything this year. I strained my brain trying to figure out something cheap to buy him and have came up with nothing thoughtful. SO- I'm going to make THESE:

Aren't they amazing? I love them already. The recipe is on Bakerella's Blog. It looks SUPER easy!

Scott got me a great Mothers Day present so it's not fair that he says that I can't buy anything for him! So i'm either going to get one of these to go along with him cupcake burgers.

..I know right.. a BOOK or TOMMY BOY? Sophistication or retardation? Which do I choose?

Scott has read one book in his life. He hates reading. But he said the other day that he would actually like to read this one. (Which made me gleefully jump up and down in my mind!) I'm worried it will bore him though.

Scott owns Tommy Boy. But it's on VHS & we don't have a VHS player and have no plans to get one. It's one of his favorite movies (Don't all guys love this move? Please tell me "YES!") & he quotes from it all the time.

Oh goodness..

(Shhhh.. don't tell him!)

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