Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Binky Fairy

The day we took away her binky, cold turkey, we've been dreading it for a month. Oh man, it was just as bad, possibly worse, than we thought it would be.
The "binky fairy" came while Summer was napping. When Summer came downstairs she saw all her binkys (nipples cut off!) and a new present in the middle of the floor. She must have known something was off because the second she saw it she started balling. She went for the present before the binkys (yay!).. it took her about 10 minutes to get close to them though.
Summer is just SUCH a binky girl. We should've done this earlier. Anyways, after she played with her little pony for a few minutes, we told her that her binkys were going "bye bye" and she even helped me throw them away. I took Summer and the box of binkys out to the dumpster and threw them in. I said "Summer, say bye bye binkys" by then she started crying and in the most dramatically way possible she yelled "BYEEEEEE!" It was a disaster.
My thought was : Make a big deal out of no more binkys, that way she can get it through her head easier that she can't have them anymore. (We went cold turkey this time. Last month we tried just giving her binkys at nap and bed times, it was too tempting for me to pop it in her mouth!) Last night she put up a fight going to sleep. She cried for bout a hour in her crib! : ( "Beeee Beee Beee!" (Binky) And this morning was even worse. She cried for almost 4 hours straight because she didn't wake up with a binky in her crib. : / Hopefully tonight will be better!
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