Thursday, October 8, 2009

A little update

Well so much has been going on lately!
This past weekend we went to Island Park with my parents, my sister Abbey and my grandparents. It really was so much fun. I had been looking forward to it for a long time. I really needed a vaca to do something fun.. I feel so cooped up in our little apartment. Scott works so much and with school I feel like I never see him. One day during the week I don't see him until about 10:30! : (
Anyways, we left Thursday after Scott got out of class. Scott actually got 2 days off, thank goodness, he needed it! We stayed up late almost every night playing my grandpa's new game "Marbles & jokers" (if you haven't played it, it's pretty fun!). We went 4 wheeling (and I was SO scared we were going to see a bear on the trails b/c my mom saw one on it a few days before!) We did lots of hot tubbing. We went into Yellowstone Park one day, didn't see many animals, but went to hot pots & saw Old Faithful. Later we went to see an Imax about Alaska. It was pretty neat. My dad bought us girls some new Yellowstone jammies. And Summer got a new teddy.. she didn't like to play with it much.. she just liked to eat it! And of course on the way home we stopped to eat at Smitty's in Idaho Falls. It was so nice and a very much needed getaway.
Here are some pics from the trip.

My cute little family

Abbey, Scott, me, Sum, Dad, Grandma & Grandpa

Buffalo Summer

Our little pink bear

Poor Sum couldn't move an inch. She's the little boy off "The Christmas Story"

The fire WE started for the BOYS while they were fishing

Summer giggled for the 1st time yesterday. It was the absolute cutest thing I've ever seen. Every time I got close to her and said "boo!" she laughed a few times and stopped. And then I would do it again and she would giggle again. Every time she laughed I almost cried I was laughing so hard!

We got Sum a jumper on Monday. I've been SO excited to get her this but we were waiting for some extra money to get it. It's a Fisher Price "Precious Planet" jumper, and it absolutely adorable. We set Sum in it & she will entertain herself for about 10 minutes and then wants out of it.. huge disappointment but I'm sure she will grow to like it as she gets a little older.

Cute huh? Too bad they don't make it in adult size! : )

I have been trying SO hard to eat healthier lately. But I just get so bored at home I end up making cookies or experimenting with ugh! I want to lose my baby weight and it's just not happening. I try to go on walks.. but I have to drive to a park or somewhere with a walk on it because our apartment only has a sidewalk that circles around the complex.. lame! I find it a HUGE oxymoron to DRIVE somewhere to go on a walk. Abbey & I are planning on running a half marathon in the spring and I just don't see how it's going to happen. Hopefully I can find some 5 K's around the area.. I've been looking but haven't been able to find any.. anyone have any ideas where to look for them??!! Anyways, needless to say I have been very discouraged lately about weight & stretch makrs & the endless piles of cookies.. urghhh DiSgUsTiNg!

We are moving in with my parents the end of this month. I"m going to miss our little apartment.. it's been our home for over a year now. Moving in with my parents is going to be so helpful for us to pay off some bills and debt & is so nice of my parents to let us barge into their lives. I am very grateful for this opportunity they're giving us. On the other hand it is also very discouraging because unlike Scott I feel like we have other options. And at the end of this month Scotts schedule is switching he goes in at 1 and gets off at 9:30 p.m. I feel that we are just going back to the old schedule working nights and only seeing each other on his days off. Moving in with my parents to North Ogden will delay Scott getting home by about 20 + minutes as well as him leaving that much earlier for work. Hopefully after his 3 months is up he will be able to switch his schedule.. or not.. I just feel like we're destined for the crappy hours & never seeing each other schedules.

Ok, enough of my complaining..

..until next time!

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