Saturday, December 4, 2010

O Christmas Tree

Yes, I'm blogging about my Christmas tree!
I have been neglecting my blog lately & decided I would share
some Christmas cheer..
so here it is..
I'm pretty proud of it!
We had lots of other ornaments the 1st year we were married.. I made a them a few years ago and put them on our tree this year. I was almost in tears! I hated all my homemade ornaments! What was I thinking? Birds made of felt? Umm no! So I went on a search for cute & cheap ornaments. Found them! Targets bargain section. Gotta love Target.
Summer LOVES it! When we first get up in the morning she points to the tree and says "Liii pweee!" Translation: "Lights please!" She counts to 3 with me as I turn them on and almost freaks every time I turn them on. Sum also kisses the ornaments and then tells them good bye everytime we leave. It's so cute.
I love Christmas, all the memories that come with it and new ones you get to make!
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