Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A Little Slice of Life..

1st.. I had to show you what I got to look forward to on our anniversary camping trip (without the babe)!
Caution: This guy is HOT!
Oh and I was told that I was to NOT post these on Facebook, so I guess Blogger is okay? : )

It rained on us. So Scott protected us by putting up a tarp. And then we ran out of wood! So Scott just took his ax out and chopped us some!

2nd topic to show you is my cute little Summy.

Tell me if you can find her!

She loves her stuffed animals. She was more than happy to jump right in with them. Sometimes if she's on the couch trying to reach her "woof woof" (doggy.. just in case you didn't get that) that's on the floor she will fall off the couch in hopes of reaching him. : )

Next, I finished "Mommywood". I liked it alright. It will never make my list of favorites. She had a lot of funny stories to tell that are all too "Hollywood" for me. But I liked it. If you like her, read it! If you don't care at all, don't!

Last but not least..
Look at all my little flower hair clips. Some are Sums some are mine. They are SO easy to make! Once you start you can't stop!
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