Monday, September 6, 2010

"Women, Food and God"

Didn't like it.
& Didn't get it.

I think this book is meant for "compulsive eaters". I eat my share in junk & sweets and of course want to loose my baby weight. But. I am not a compulsive eater. If you are, I still don't know if I'd suggest this book. The author didn't condone compulsive eating nor did she condone dieting. I for one don't believe people can really be "healthy" if they don't exercise & eat well. I didn't finish this book but from what I read nothing had to do with exercising or eating right. The title has the word God in it. But- I couldn't even tell if the author was a christian. She talked of God like he was something you think up. I don't know how to explain it. The author has wrote like 8 books on eating and does "compulsive eating retreats" .. so i'm sure she knows her stuff. But I did not get the book at all.
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