Sunday, September 27, 2009

I got tagged..

..and I'm bored.. so of course I'm going to do it. You have to write 10 honest things about yourself. I don't know if these are supposed to be things that people don't really know about you?

10. I am now into shoes. It used to be my expensive purses.. and I still have that fetish. Now it has turned into a full blown Aldo shoe fetish. Not healthy for a poor one income family.. but cute!

9. When I quit my job to stay home with Summer I said I was going to lose all my baby weight + some by going on walks & eating healthy. I've decided it's too hard to take Summer on walks & it's less expensive to eat normal foods.

8. You may laugh when I write this after the last number. But, next spring I'm going to run a half marathon. I'm going to get motivated & get in shape and I'm going to do it! When me and Scott move in with my parents it will be much easier to get in shape. The parents don't believe in eating unhealthy and they actually live in a neighborhood with side walks.

7. Since I've been home with Summer I've been watching way too much TV. The Office, Melrose Place, Gossip Girl, The Beautiful Life, The Kardashians, Kourteny & Khloe Take Miami, The Vampire Diaries and soon to be American Idol take up too much of my time. Thank goodness for for Tivo.

6. This is no secret, but I love being a mom & wife more than anything in the whole wide world. For us not even having a real plan, Heavenly Father sure did know what we needed. We love Summer to death and always have so much fun with her. I love my family.

5. Whenever I'm getting ready for the day or cleaning while Scott is not home I always have the TV on. It calms my nerves because I hate being home alone.

4. I NEVER clean the house when Scott is home after work or on the weekends. I've learned that what time we do have with Scott when he's not working or in class is valuable and I don't want to waste that time cleaning when I could be spending it with him.

3. I have the craziest most random dreams. Like, last night I had a dream that I met Drew Barrymoore. & a few nights ago I had a dream that Summer turned into a vampire & tried to eat me.

2. I say "like" and "I mean" way too much and am working on it as I speak. I've learned that it's very annoying.. and I don't want to be annoying!

1. This is not a secret either, but I hate scary movies. I never watch them & have no desire to because they give me nightmares & I stay up in bed thinking about them. The movie "It" has still scarred me.

Okay! Now here are the people I tag and I expect it to see it under your posts! : )

Megan Scott
Kendra Corely
Collette Fowler
Trudy Stanton
Natalie Kimber
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