Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Summers favorite word: No.
UGH! : )
Why can't it be "Yes!"?

Anyways.. Tender Moment of the Day:
Summer and I were coloring together and I kept asking for loves and kisses.. each time I'd ask she'd say "No". Then I'd ask.. "Do you want to take a nap?" She says: "No". Then I'd say "Do you want a drink?" .."No." "Do you want a snack?" .. "No." And right after all these "No's" I asked her a question I quickly regretted asking..
I asked Summer, "Do you love mama?" My heart immediately sunk.. knowing she was going to just say no because she said no 10 times before this question. Summer looked up at me and said "Yaaa!"

Ahhh.. happy heart.
I love her.
I love being a mom
I couldn't imagine life without these small gestures of love. They make parenting worth every ounce of worry and stress.
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