Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas 2009

Christmas time seems to just keep getting better & better for us. Last year me & Scott were in our little apartment having our little Christmas the 1st year we were married. I will always remember last years Christmas. It was so tender. This year we got to house sit so we had our own Christmas & had quite a bit more money to use for presents because we're not paying for rent. We love having our little sweetheart here and can't imagine the holidays.. or life.. without her. She has her moments like all babies.. but she is such a good, happy baby. I am so blessed! I have a wonderful husband and the best little girl. I can't wait till next Christmas, I can't wait to teach her more about Christ & his birth & read Christmas stories to her when she'll actually understand a little more.

Most of you that have kids i'm sure you already know this and feel the same way.. but now it's all about our child.. everything we do evolves around her.. and this Christmas we totally went overboard on presents for her.. but we were so excited for her I think we forgot about buying presents for each other a little.

Summer got from Santa & Scott and I: a few books, 2 Disney movies, a sit & stand walker, some stuffed animals, new blanket, sippy cup, some bottle caps for her bows, crawl toys, bath toys, sock monkeys, stuffed soft doll, elmo toy, blocks, binkys, socks and toy rings.

After we opened presents at 4:00 in the morning (Iactually work up at 2:00.. woke Scott up at 3:00 and then we finally decided to get up at 4:00.. we were a little excited) the 3 of us took a much needed nap. Went to Scotts brother, Travis' house, had breakfast, went to my parents house. Opened presents there, had a late lunch, and then came back the the neighbors house that we're sitting.

My parents/sisters gave Summer tons of stuff as well.. 1st grandbabies get the royal princess treatment in my family. I think she's getting a little spoiled.. from Scott & I as well. I keep telling Scott that we need another one soon so the spoiling stops.. that doesn't go over well with him! : ) My parents/sisters got Summer: a bath seat, a sit & stand walker, Shelby drew a beautiful picture of her, some clothes, bottle caps for her bows, LDS Childrens Songbook, bath stuff, hangers (her favorite toys), heated stuffed animal, baby scrapbook & paper and baby food. Thanks grandma, grandpa, aunt shelby & aunt abbey!

Grandma & Grandpa Garton gave Summer clothes, Christmas outfits, a discovery toy, a Dora book that sings, soft farm animal books, hat with a cute flower on the side, a warm dog hat with matching mittens.

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