Tuesday, June 8, 2010

OH! And these books too..

I have added 2 more books. I bought 2 more today. I can't stop!!

YES! It's another Twilight book! It's not about Edward or Bella though. It's about the second life of a newborn vampire that is in the Eclipse book.. named.. you guessed it! Bree Tanner. I don't remember her in the Eclipse book. It's a pretty short book so it will be finished within the week.

YES! Pride and Prejudice. I can't wait. I love love love the movie. Who doesn't? I've heard from everyone who has read from the incredible Jane Austen and loves her. Can't wait.

*Just a follow up. I finished "Eat, Pray, Love" LOVED IT! One of the most inspiring books I've ever read. It's sitting on the shelf with the other favorites. There are some bad parts that may make a nice little mormon girl blush.. but it's GREAT!

AND.. I read "For WOmen Only". And let me say.. OH MY GOSH. It's amazing. Everything that I read in the book was dead on. I told Scott the highlights and he would say "Yep, that's right" "Yes, I feel like that all the time". I really hope that I take this book and apply it to my life instead of just reading it and storing it in the back of my mind. Definately reccomended!

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  1. Such a good girl, wife and Mother. I couldn't be more proud of you!!!!


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