Sunday, April 18, 2010

My "Job"

I'm a "nanny".. yep.
All my tears and raging emotions with finding a job and leaving my sweet Summer with a babysitter was all for nothing! (Well, not really.. if I did have to leave her to go back to work I would go into a serious depression.. really.)

BUT.. Great news! After we moved to Kaysville my moms cute cute neighbor asked my if I would babysit her kids 2-3 days a week. My prayers were answered! I was kind of nervous at first. I haven't babysat any other kids since high school.. especially not 3!

Three kids + my own is much harder than I thought it would be to balance.. but I'm doing it and I'm doing it well! (The kids & their mom love me.. YAY!) And, to make matters even BETTER I absolutely love, love, love the kids. 8 year old, 5 year old & a 2 year old. They are all adorable.. and SO GOOD!!

I really and truely am so happy. I was worried though that it wasn't going to last long.. and then the mom told me that she actually got a part time job and that she wasn't just filling in for people anymore.. MORE great news!!

And of course for the most important.. Summer. I hope so much that I am giving her all the attention she needs while caring for these other kids as well. But I think that with the attention I can't give her she is getting it from the other kids. They all love and adore her. It's so cute, especially the 5 year old girl. She asks to play with Summer, hold her and feed her all the time. Summer eats all the attention up.. she loves attention. And, I think it's great that Summer is around other little kids. She's not around a lot of people that are under the age of 16!

Anyways.. so so so happy and hopefully it lasts for as long as Scott is still in school!

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  1. I was a nanny once... Let's just say I was glad it was just a summer job! Totally not for me. But I am glad you found something you could do and still be with Summer.


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