Thursday, June 16, 2011


I made it! I made it a whole week without my 2 most favorite people in the world. I had so much fun at Lake Powell with my family & friends. I haven't been to LP for 4 years and even better, I hadn't really seen or hung out with one of my oldest friends since we were 12ish.. so I had a lot of catching up to do! It was so relaxing. I got to catch up on some good books while getting my tan on, have some deep convos with the people I love and got to know my future bro-in-law better than I thought I did!

BUT. I missed Scott & Sum more than I have ever missed them in my entire life. I was totally fine until the end of the week came & I then got way too home sick for my own good.

As I pulled up, I ran through the door and leaped up the stairs to give my baby girl a big kiss and hug. I'm pretty sure nothing has gotten me out of a car door faster. Geeze, there really is nothing better than being a mom & having an amazing husband.

OK.. so here's my "Tankful" story. (yes, tankful, not tHankful.) Sum won't pray with us.. EVER! She won't fold her arms. And when we tell her that we're about to say prayers she will run circles around us and yell at the top of her lungs.. haha typical Summer, right?

ANYWAYS, that night as we knelt down to say family prayer. Scott asked me to say it and as I started saying it Sum folded her arms and started praying. She said "Foter, I tankful for toys, I tankful for my pretty dress and I tankful for house!" I turned to Scott when she was done and said "SCOTT! Oh my gosh, did you just hear that?! I can't believe she just did that! I am so happy!" He turned to me and just said "I know, I taught her while you were gone!"

Scott was able to talk to our baby and teach her to pray, finally it's gotten through to her. Watching and listening to my little sweetie say one of her first prayers has been probably one of my most proud and memorable moments in my life. She listened to her daddy and knew that he was telling her something important. I'm almost in tears as I write this, but family is just so important and I don't know what I would do without mine. I feel that Heavenly Father knew just what we needed in our lives, so he sent us Summer. He knew, He knew that children would make us complete and make us so incredibly happy. Summer brings more joy into our lives than anything in the whole world. I have such an incredible testimony of the family & I'm so greatful for my church for teaching me about it at such an early age. I am about to post this blog post on FB so I don't know who's going ro read this post. But to all my friends that are not LDS, and LDS friends that haven't read it in a long time, that are reading this you can read our Family Proclamation here.

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  1. love this story!! So cute! A childs prayer is simply amazing!


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