Friday, January 8, 2010

Dear diet,

I hate you!
Ok so I am doing what I said I didn't want to do.. HCG. I'm so lazy, but I wanted to lose weight. The plan is to do the 26 day diet wait 3 weeks then do it again. Then be done with the diet & eat better and excercise my life back. I've never been (except when I was pregnant) this big.. 155 lb. Not that that's that big or anything, but it's just not where I want to be. Today is day 3 of the diet & day 1 of the 500 cal. diet. This diet better work because I am starving myself! : )
I am going to die.

1/13/10 Day 8- lost 7 lbs.

..I guess it works! I don't feel like I'm getting as good as results as other people though : / There have been days I've lost 3 lbs. And there have been days that I've lost nothing! ..Frusterating!

1/18/10 Day 13- lost 9 lbs.

..NOT doing good lately. I have cheated.. a LOT. uggggg. Tomorrow will be a better day & NO cheating!


I suck!


  1. What is HCG? I know how you feel girl! Every day I think, "Tomorrow. Tomorrow is the day I will exercise and stop eating all this junk!" And guess what, tomorrow apparently never comes! haha And a 500 cal. diet? You are one strong chica. I really hope you don't die! :) Maybe one day I'll join you on the skinny side.

  2. HCG is a hormone that is found in pregnant women. When you take it and eat the 500 calorie diet it speeds up the fat burning process. It's great for losing weight fast (you can lose up to 3 lbs. a day!), but there are a lot of risks that come along with it. I really suggest it, but definately research the risks!! That's why I decided to do it because I would always think "My diet starts Mondy". And then next thing I knew it was 85 Mondays later!


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