Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Wiggle Worm

Man, I am doing so good at writing my blog the past few days. I just have so much to tell lately with all the great stuff that's been going on.

Last night, Scott got Summer ready for bed & put some pj's on her that I don't like to use because I think they're a pain. The pj's that are long and don't have a bottom in them. They're like a long dress with elastic on the bottom. Anyways, Summer woke up at 5 a.m. (which she never does). I was so tired, so I wrapped her back up, gave her her binky and laid her back in her crib to go to sleep. She went right back to sleep. She woke up a hour and half later. When I went in to get her she was completely unwrapped & facing the opposite side of the bed & wiggled out of her wedge (this is a pretty normal morning for Summer). But she had kicked off her pj's & was naked. I started laughing at her & she looked up at me & smiled.. too funny. It was so cute. In the picture you can see her jammies on the right side.

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