Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Pregnancy, labor and delivery

Everyone has been asking me how everything went at the hospital, so I decided to just write about it & you all can read it.
I went into one of my prenatal appointments on May 13th & my Dr. said that the baby was ready to come & asked if i wanted to be induced the next day.. I of course said yes! Prior to this appointment I had the best pregnancy. I hadn't had any contractions, no morning sickness & hardly any vomiting. Anyways, I went to work the next day because I wasn't supposed to be admitted to the hospital until 8 p.m. I was so excited the whole day! Around 5 p.m. the hospital called and told me that they were full and they would call me when there was an opening.. they didn't even know when the next opening would be! I cried the whole night. So Scott called around 9 p.m. and told them that we needed to know when we would be admitted. They told us to come in at 7 a.m. the next day.
So we woke up bright and early.. i hardly got any sleep! We checked to Ogden Regional at 7 a.m., they took me to the room (the room was huge! I stayed in the same room the whole time) and started me on the drops at 9 a.m. Around 11 a.m. my mom and sisters were in the room with me and Scott & I was starting to have my first contractions. I thought I was going to rip everyones head off if they didn't stop rubbing me. So my mom went out and told the nurse that I wanted the epidural.. NOW! They gave me my epidural at 11:30.. after that I was on cloud 9.. I couldn't feel a thing. I slept off and on until 4 p.m. My whole family was in the room with us when the nurse came in to check me at about 4. She said I was dialated to a 10 and kicked everyone but Scott out of the room. By 4:30 they had everything ready and my Dr. was on her way. By the time that the Dr. got there I pushed 3 times and Summer was born at 4:41 p.m. She was 8 lbs 7 oz. & 21 inches long. Before my Dr. got there I started coughing and the nurses told me that if I didn't stop the baby was going to pop right out. It was the easiest labor and delivery in the world.. especially for a first time. My Dr. told me that I shouldn't expect it to be this easy ever again.

Here's some pics of us at the hospital..

Our 1st family picture.

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  1. Love it!! Your little girl is PRECIOUS! It makes me very baby hungry!


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